They are there, we dreamed all year and the moment has finally arrived! The HOLIDAY !
Is everything ready for the big departure? Here are some tips and tricks to succeed this (loooong) trip to your destination.

Tip # 1: Check the condition of our “titin”
If a long journey is planned, a visit to the garage is preferable. However if it is impossible, you can check some points yourself:

Oil level : The tank must be at least half filled.
Visibility: Clean your headlights and windows, check that the lights are working properly.
Your tires : On the highway, many inflation stations allow you to check the pressure

Tip # 2: Arm your GPS or sense of direction
Now that your car is refurbished or almost you can think of the route. We see you coming with your GPS 🙂then enter the route before departure, and not by rolling! If you are more connected do not hesitate to use your favorite navigation application. Do not forget the good watch map and a little tourist guide that will never be too much. Why not visit castles or gastronomic stages on the road of your holidays especially during your break (every 2 hours!).

Tip # 3: Money, money …
Good this one it applies to the heads in the air. Remember to check that you have your credit card and possibly plan a few coins for tolls (for the most organized: forecast in advance the total budget).

Tip # 4: From the suitcase to the chest
Luggage is often a problem when departing by car. The best way to remember essential things without overloading your chest is to make a list.

Tip # 5: We pay attention to ourselves
It is recommended to eat light the day before departure and to sleep at least 8 hours (especially for the driver). And the obvious tips to remember all the same: comfortable outfit, non-slippery shoes, sunglasses. And do not forget to pack water and take a break every 2 hours (we insist yes) .

Tip # 6: And if you go with your kids …
You already hear it “when do we arrive?” If the journeys are long for us, imagine for them. So you have to distract them. Option # 1: the classic portrait or “no yes or no” option # 2: Look for something in the landscape that begins with one letter of the alphabet but still difficult to occupy all the way. There is also the option of game consoles and board games in a portable version. PATIENCE. You can also discover the list of applications to download for long trips by car!

Tip # 7: Even if you do not wish it …
Leaving keys inside the vehicle or losing them in the sand does not only happen to others. Take a double with you, slip it into a corner of your bag or leave it with one of the passengers.

You are now ready, we only have to wish you a good holiday! And if you want to change vehicles on your return do not hesitate to discover our wide range of cars on our VPN Autos website .


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