1. Apps to never get lost on the road of holidays!
    Who has never experienced the hassle of getting lost on the road of holidays ! Whether on the way out or back, we have only one desire: find our way to get to our destination as quickly as possible. And this is the creed of several applications:

Waze: the most popular GPS application
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Waze brings together the largest community of motorists . With it, you will be able to optimize your trips , but also use the billions of data of other users . The application takes into account the conditions in real time traffic. It goes even further because it identifies incidents, radar and even the nearest petrol stations. A real driving aid that we can not do without.

Google maps: GPS combined with a search engine
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Google Maps is the service mapping to Google . It is possible to calculate a route on both PC and mobile. It is possible to download the maps in order to use the offline application . This is very convenient when traveling abroad or in white areas without a network. The advantage of this application is the use of the search engine within the application. It is therefore possible to find a restaurant , a place and even tourist information directly via the application. A real guide for the holidays!

  1. Apps to reduce the amount of your refueling!
    You are not dreaming but there are many applications that allow you to reduce your gas costs ! For this, these applications identify the gas stations closest to your location and the prices. So you can compare the numbers and go where the fuel is the cheapest . This is very convenient when you go on vacation because the fuel costs are a big budget.

The list of applications that allow you to reduce your fuel budget :

Essence & Co : locates petrol stations with the price of fuel but also the car wash!
Gasoline / Gasoil Now : Fuel price comparator with 10,000 stations referenced in France.
Essence eco : locates stations with fuel prices in 13 countries in Europe with 70,000 service stations.

  1. Applications to avoid tolls!
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When departing on vacation , there is another important budget: the tolls! So if you are in no hurry and want to avoid tolls , know that there are applications for this!

Péago : the app tells you all the tips to reduce your toll charges. Péago promises you a savings up to 25%. It’s only available in France.
You may already have this option in your favorite GPS application . For example, with Waze , in the navigation pane it is enough to activate “Avoid toll roads”. This option is also possible with Google maps thanks to a similar option.

  1. In the family of applications, I ask the option to avoid plugs
    There is nothing worse than being in the traffic jams during big departures on vacation. To avoid this, you can use applications that allow you to estimate in real time the conditions on the road and thus optimize its routes to bypass traffic jams . It is possible to do it with Waze and Google maps .
  2. Apps to set the mood in the car
    Let ‘s move on to serious things, and so to the atmosphere in the car . There is nothing worse than a boring ride without atmosphere. VPN Autos gives you tips to keep your passengers occupied during the holiday trip !

For music in the car : your co-pilot can use Spotify or Deezer to put music into the car. It is even possible to use them offline
To occupy your passengers: videos, movies, series everything is possible with offline applications such as Netflix or Mycanal

  1. Applications to find his highway area
    When driving, it is essential to take breaks and especially if you have passengers with you. The road safety advocates you a break every two hours . However, there may be reluctance to stop in some places. To avoid this, discover applications to find its highway area with all the services available.

Stationaute : the application allows you to know if on the next highway area there will be games for children or a baby area. Do not ever go wrong in the highway areas.
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  1. Applications to carpool
    You have to leave alone and your journey is long and expensive? Why not take a carpooler! There are a lot of applications to choose who will share your car.

Blablacar : the most popular carpool application . It allows you to propose routes and to choose the best co-pilot for you!
You will find new ridesharing apps where you can choose your passengers especially based on common interests.

  1. The applications to make a statement
    In case of problem, know that there is an application to make a report simply and quickly. This allows you to easily report the accident to your insurer.


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